26 August 2014

live from the red carpet

The Emmys are usually not my favorite red carpet but these girls made it really better yesterday evening, right?


19 August 2014

Inga Marie Tekukwitha by Barrie Hullegie for Elle Netherlands September 2014

Au vu des températures actuelles, je pense que cet éditorial tombe à pic.

Chilly days ahead? Looks like this editorial is totally right.


17 August 2014

Elsa Hosk by Dylan Forsberg for Transmission

Am I back or not? I will try to be a better blogger, I promise.


02 April 2014

Gertrud Hegelund Hansen by Stefania Paparelli for Elle Australia April 2014

I suppose I'm way to busy to maintain a proper fashion blog right now with text posts so I'll just stick to posting inspiring editorials like this one from the latest issue of Elle Australia. Pretty powerful styling!


09 March 2014

tropical ride

Lindsay Lullman by Alastair Strong for Grazia France February 2014

This is how I love fashion, simple but still very stylish. This editorial may be not from a Vogue magazine and with a 'famous' model, I totally adore it, and actually maybe because it's not from Vogue and with a 'famous' model! Thanks a lot to Kim from Visual Optimism who helped me to find this editorial scanned!
I'm working on a fashion week post but I'm so busy right now, it's insane! I hope I'll be able to post it soon!


16 February 2014

trend alert : star wars

Je ne sais pas vous mais quand j'ai découvert les robes à imprimés Star Wars de la nouvelle collection Rodarte je suis restée assez... sceptique. Parce que bon, d'une, qui va porter ça, sérieusement? Et de deux, je me suis demandée comment les soeurs Mulleavy avaient pu arriver à cette idée saugrenue. Ensuite j'ai oublié (parce que bon, je vais être honnête, ces robes, ce n'est franchement pas ma came). Et puis, aujourd'hui, c'est avec stupeur que je découvre la collection Preen (une griffe que j'adore par ailleurs) et son imprimé... Dark Vador. Déjà, là, ça passe mieux mais... quand même. Il faut donc croire que les créateurs ont été tout aussi excités que les inconditionnels de la saga par l'annonce du tournage de nouveaux épisodes. Mais de là à dire que c'est une bonne chose... Hum.

I don't know about you but when I discovered the Star Wars printed dress of the new Rodarte collection, I was quite... dubious. Because, firstly, who is going to wear that, seriously? And secondly, I was wondering how the Mulleavy sisters came to this surprising idea. Then, I totally forgot about this because, to be honest, these dresses are totally not my thing. And then, today, it is with a great surprise that I discovered the new Preen collection (a brand I really like by the way) and its... Dark Vador print. Well, here, actually, it looks better, in my opinion but... really? So I suppose designers were at least as much excited as the saga fans by the announcement of the new Star Wars projets. But is it a good thing... Hum.

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Rodarte Fall 2014 Ready-To-Wear

Preen By Thornton Bregazzi Fall 2014 Ready-To-Wear


09 February 2014

the wang boots!

Pour être tout à fait honnête, j'ai été assez déçue, en général, par la collection Fall 2014 d'Alexander Wang. Du coup, vous allez me dire, pourquoi un post? Et bien car même si la collection en elle-même ne m'a pas ravie, les accessoires, eux, ont sauvé la mise. Des bottes, des bottes et encore des bottes, de quoi rester bien au chaud pendant l'hiver. Oui mais... non. Car si la botte semble être une botte sur le devant, elle est tout autre sur l'arrière. Et là est le génie, si je puis m'avancer jusque là. Pour sûr, on risque de les voir en street-style assez rapidement!

To be honest, I've been quite disappointed by the Alexander Wang's Fall 2014 collection. This is when you're asking me : so why writing a post about it? Well, because even if the collection didn't seduce me, accessories, and most especially the shoes, totally saved the deal. Boots, boots and boots, what a better way to stay warm during a cold winter. Yes but... no. Because if the boots seem to be boots on the front, they're totally something else on the back. And this is what's brilliant and visionary. For sure, we will see these beauties on street-styles pics quite soon!

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Alexander Wang Fall 2014 Ready-To-Wear



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