31 March 2012

picture of the week #03

Zippora Seven by Hannah Khymych for L’Officiel Ukraine March 2012
credits : fashiongonerogue

black & white summer

Carolyn Murphy by Koray Birand for Harper’s Bazaar Turkey April 2012

No need of young models to get a stunning editorial!  
credits : fashiongonerogue

29 March 2012


This girl had such a strong presence on runways during last season that i was really curious to see editorials with Josefien Rodermans. And i'm so not disappointed. Look at her face, her gaze! It's great to see new faces on the runway or in editorials. Recently, i felt a little bit bored by all the top models even if i have my favs! And you, who are your favs? And your favorites new faces? I'm curious!
credits : fashiongonerogue

27 March 2012

models' streetstyle

So much perfection it hurts.
Pictures by Damian Bao, who's most know as Bonae L'Amour and his amazing streetstyle/models pictures. I had the chance to exchange a few messages with him on Tumblr and he's not only talented, but also very smart, nice and down-to-earth. Check a part of his work here.

25 March 2012

picture of the week #02

Melissa Tammerijn by Andrew Yee for How to Spend It

I've been very busy and tired recently, sorry for rhe lack of posts. This is my picture of the week, very colourful and fresh. Better late than never! Have a good week (:

20 March 2012

welcome in the family!

This may sound stupid but i never thougt i will live this one day : the birth of a new Vogue. I may have a strange relationship with Vogue, there's one thing that will always be true, Vogue IS fashion. It's all about beauty and dreams, because even if i will never be able to buy a single thing that is inside a Vogue issue, it makes life taste better. So now I just can't wait to see what will be inside this first issue of Vogue Nederlands and also, what it will become.
And you, what are your feelings about it?

17 March 2012

picture of the week #01

My choice was supposed to be totally different and then, this gorgeous editorial from Vogue Italia arrived and i couldn't not choose this picture for my first POTW post. A few years ago, i really disliked Candice Swanepoel, she was for me only a VS model, a beautiful girl who had nothing more to offer than a pretty face and long legs. But then, i saw her on the rtw and couture runways, and also in editorials, 'high fashion' (like some people say) editorials and it was a really nice discovery! I was wrong and i'm glad i realised it! Check the full editorial here.

16 March 2012


Iselin Steiro by Hasse Nielsen for Cover Magazine #74
credits : http://fashiongonerogue.com

15 March 2012


Isn't she gorgeous? Can't wait to have this issue in my hands!

credits : http://fashiongonerogue.com/

spring at h&m

When it comes to H&M, i'm usually a little bit sceptical. Lookbooks, adverts, collaborations, there's always a lot of H&M in the media but basically, nothing in the stores (at least, in the ones near me). It's very frustrating to see all these beautiful and stylish clothes and not being able to have them. But i shouldn't complain, i've been able to get a few great things. It's just a little bit disappointing to see all the great pieces and all the beautiful collections only in the big stores. *sighs*
So let's just dream with the last H&M Trend Update pictures.

credits : http://fashiongonerogue.com/

11 March 2012

dream boots

Blackson boots, 1325$ ; Milwauke boots, 1490$ ; Robinson boots, 1490$

Aren't they seriously to die for? Isabel Marant surely knows how to dress women, these boots are amazingly perfect, gorgeous... I don't have enough words to say how much i love them! It was certainly the thing i loved the most during the last Isabel Marant show and i couldn't wait to see them better. If only i could afford them...

09 March 2012

dazed & givenchy

When i first saw these giant jewels in the last Givenchy Haute Couture collection, i was eager to see them in editorials, covers and also events! So when i first saw this cover (a few minutes ago), i was definitely excited! Pure, simple and really powerful! This mysterious girl on the cover is Claire Boucher aka Grimes, a canadian singer who recently released her third album and i must say that even if i didn't know her before, i'm going to listen her album right now!

04 March 2012

le jour d'avant

If you're like me, if you like fashion but you don't have enough money to buy it, you're not living in New York, Milan or Paris, if you're just someone behind its computer and you really want to see more, to live more and to discover more, you should watch 'The day before' documentaries by Loïc Prigent. What happened before a show, how is it prepared, how does it look? With these documentaries, you'll know everything. After Proenza Schouler, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Fendi, Versace and Sonia Rykiel, i recently watched Lanvin & Isabel Marant. It's really interesting and it really changed my point of view on some people (Karlie Kloss, Isabel Marant, Alber Elbaz...) because when you just have this 'internet' view of fashion, sometimes it looks like a little bit superficial and it seems like all these people are arrogant and snob. I realized it can be different and that people are just normal. Of course, i know it's not exactly the truth once again but it's definitely really intersting and fascinating. I also watched 'The September Issue' friday night and it was really surprising. I wasn't expecting this to be honest, i always thought that girls at Vogue would be perfect and beautiful and talented but haha, i was totally wrong, it really looked like a normal office! And it was very interesting to see how really are Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington!

I'll be back soon with more reviews and thoughts about fashion weeks, i've been really busy and totally drown under the number of shows this year so i prefered to wait until it's over and discover it quietly. Sorry for being a ghost this week!

click here to watch 'the day before' (in french)


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