15 March 2012

spring at h&m

When it comes to H&M, i'm usually a little bit sceptical. Lookbooks, adverts, collaborations, there's always a lot of H&M in the media but basically, nothing in the stores (at least, in the ones near me). It's very frustrating to see all these beautiful and stylish clothes and not being able to have them. But i shouldn't complain, i've been able to get a few great things. It's just a little bit disappointing to see all the great pieces and all the beautiful collections only in the big stores. *sighs*
So let's just dream with the last H&M Trend Update pictures.

credits : http://fashiongonerogue.com/


  1. Love the printed dip-dye pants!

    Jackie x



  2. LOVE that black parka!
    Found your blog on IFB and if you check out my blog as well it would be very nice! :)

    just JE NE SAIS QUOI
    Independent Fashion Bloggers



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