30 April 2012

initiales BB

Hailey Clauson by Paolo Kudaki in Vogue Spain May 2012  
Stylist - Melanie Huynh, Hair - Sebastian Richard, Make-up - Alice Lane 

This makes me want to be in summer right now!

the sun's on us

Ginta Lapina by Sean & Seng for Numéro #133  
Hair stylist - Peter Gray, Makeup artist - Gemma Smith, Model - Ginta Lapina

Once again, Ginta proves she's just perfection. In love.

29 April 2012

on the road

Jalouse May 2012

Just bought the new Jalouse magazine with this gorgeous cover (Garrett!!!). I'm not a huge fan of Stewart but i have to admit that except Twilight (ugh), she makes good choices. And i like the way she is, not like the others little starlets. Can't wait to see On the Road.

27 April 2012

in the lands

Kate King by Arno Frugier for Interview Russia May 2012
credits : fashiongonerogue

22 April 2012


Anna de Rijk by Leon Mark for Rika Magazine S/S 2012

Loving her and this ed is just too perfect.
source : fashiongonerogue

20 April 2012

black katy

I'm really a huge fan of Katy Perry. Her style, the way she is but yes, not always the was she dresses. It's usually very colourful, pop and a little bit crazy so i was really surprised about her look during this Coachella part. Except the creepers, i love EVERYTHING! Her new purple/black hair, the hat, the glasses, the perfecto... It's still a strange choice for her but it's Coachella after all. What are your thoughts about this look?

16 April 2012

blue girl

Martha Streck by Taka Mayumi in French Revue de Modes S/S 2012 #20

I'm not easily impressed by a photoshoot, especially not lately but when i saw a picture of this editorial on tumblr, i was stuck and i HAD to post it here! So amazingly gorgeous!  
Source : TFS

13 April 2012

in bloom

Abbey Lee Kershaw by Lachlan Bailey in Vogue China May 2012

So glad to see her back and looking healthy! I know how it goes, when you're saying a model looks bad/too thin/pale/sad... Yes, models are not all anorexic, they're not always doing drugs or stupid things to stay thin and blablabla but seriously, recently, Abbey didn't look good AT ALL! She looked sick, she had this horrible skin color and i was seriously worried about her because, well, i like her as a model! I don't know her, i'm not going to judge or say anything but i'm glad she's looking better now and this editorial is just too cute. I'd love to steal all these clothes!


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