13 April 2012

in bloom

Abbey Lee Kershaw by Lachlan Bailey in Vogue China May 2012

So glad to see her back and looking healthy! I know how it goes, when you're saying a model looks bad/too thin/pale/sad... Yes, models are not all anorexic, they're not always doing drugs or stupid things to stay thin and blablabla but seriously, recently, Abbey didn't look good AT ALL! She looked sick, she had this horrible skin color and i was seriously worried about her because, well, i like her as a model! I don't know her, i'm not going to judge or say anything but i'm glad she's looking better now and this editorial is just too cute. I'd love to steal all these clothes!


  1. I admire her too! But didn't realise there was something wrong but either way, like you, glad she's fine! hehe, i'd like her clothes too!




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