09 February 2014

the wang boots!

Pour être tout à fait honnête, j'ai été assez déçue, en général, par la collection Fall 2014 d'Alexander Wang. Du coup, vous allez me dire, pourquoi un post? Et bien car même si la collection en elle-même ne m'a pas ravie, les accessoires, eux, ont sauvé la mise. Des bottes, des bottes et encore des bottes, de quoi rester bien au chaud pendant l'hiver. Oui mais... non. Car si la botte semble être une botte sur le devant, elle est tout autre sur l'arrière. Et là est le génie, si je puis m'avancer jusque là. Pour sûr, on risque de les voir en street-style assez rapidement!

To be honest, I've been quite disappointed by the Alexander Wang's Fall 2014 collection. This is when you're asking me : so why writing a post about it? Well, because even if the collection didn't seduce me, accessories, and most especially the shoes, totally saved the deal. Boots, boots and boots, what a better way to stay warm during a cold winter. Yes but... no. Because if the boots seem to be boots on the front, they're totally something else on the back. And this is what's brilliant and visionary. For sure, we will see these beauties on street-styles pics quite soon!

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Alexander Wang Fall 2014 Ready-To-Wear



  1. I'm not sure what to make of these boots. I know I would never wear them. I'm not convinced they will be on our streets. (Not in UK anyway). I may be wrong though. Interesting post though.

    1. I know what you mean, they are not easy to wear but by seeing them on the streets, I was mostly thinking about bloggers or fashion people's street style, not everybody's street style of course!
      Thanks for your comment ♥

  2. I did like Alexander Wang's collection, and defiantly boots are amazing! I would actually wear them. I think they're very original and pretty as well, so I would give them a chance and rock them as they were a pair of normal ones! Cause' after all, we should wear what we like and feel comfortable with, right?
    Anyway, my favorite pair of boots are the second ones. xx



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